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“Liechtenstein invention facilitates the recycling of waste slag. – Quite a stir in the field of waste incineration!”

An “artificial tornado” will make reusable the problematic waste from incineration plants. The innovative plant from Liechtenstein is presently being tested In Sennwald. The development is supported by the ‘Swiss Climate Foundation’. The climate foundation LIFE from Liechtenstein also supports the project.
The waste incineration plant in Buchs / Sennwald has its own tornado, who is not raging outdoor, but in a blue compact plant with the name Phönix WT/E©. This plant powders, sterilizes and dries filter sludges as well as the furnace slag from the waste incineration plant. This process allows to evacuate materials from the slag that otherwise would be deposited in the landfills. Due to drying and processing, the quantity of slag is substantially reduced. Less material must be deposited on the landfill, less transport and consequently, less CO2 emissions and fewer landfill!
Presently, a new revolutionary slag processing plant is being planned for VfA and here again, Phönix WT/E© is being considered.
Phönix WT/E© represents a great opportunity for the waste and recycling industry, because as from 2020 the requirements of the government in this field will be more stringent. Environmental impacts must be reduced even more and recyclable materials must be separated to a still higher degree. The advantages of Phönix WT/E© technologies are its energy efficiency, the low space requirement, the speed when drying and crushing materials. According to the statement of the direction of LPT AG in Ruggell in the Principality of Liechtenstein, conventional methods will not be able to meet these requirements. In 2017, LPT AG has filed a patent application for this technology.

Wet waste and sewage sludge is converted to fuel

The team of engineers of LPT AG has been researching for almost 15 years on the “artificial tornado”. Since 2014, the SME is supported financially by the Swiss Climate Foundation. The drying and pulverization of the waste slag is but one single of several applications for the artificial tornado. This technology allows for the processing of various types of wet waste such as for instance sewing sludge and other filter sludges within only few seconds. This end product can be used either as substitute fuel or it can be reprocessed. Due to the separation of humidity the weight at transport will substantially be reduced, as well as the transport routes. “The way we treat our waste, is most important for climate protection” explains Vincent Eckert, director of the Swiss Climate Foundation. He is convinced that ”Phönix WT/E© offers new chances and is best applicable due to the variable sizes and it can be easily integrated into existing plants.” Phönix WT/E© requires only fifteen square meters (excl. peripherals).

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