Lantos Project Technology AG

With our unique and sustainable Phönix WT/E© technology we are able to make a valuable contribution in the interests of our environment and of the quality of life of future generations. Environmental and climate protection as well as recycling of resources are of major priority for us.

Our explicit company objective: the guaranty of full service, reliability as well as competence!

The inventor and the engineering team of LPT AG have been focusing for more than 15 years on special mechanical engineering in the field of recycling, dehydration, crushing, recycling of resources and afforestation of soil.

Phönix WT/E© has been developed right from the idea until the market readiness by the engineers of LPT AG and an international patent application has been filed. Together with our partners we develop customer-oriented projects in the most varied fields of application. We offer to our customers a holistic solution comprising the elaboration, planning, finalization up to the start-up of the facility.


Unique and revolutionary: a worldwide innovation: Phönix WT/E©

  • Comprehensive, efficient and environmentally compatible solution for the recycling of solid, liquid, organic, inorganic waste materials as well as mineral extraction without the use of chemicals
  • Reduction of CO2 through short material transfer distances
  • Natural saving and reduced procurement of resources
  • Own development from the idea to the start-up
  • Efficiency, reduction of costs and maximum economy are of highest importance to us
  • Innovative technology (international patent application already filed)

    • LPT AG offers a worldwide unique revolutionary high-performance vortex technology, i.e. the workflow comprises shredding, dehydration and sterilization of waste and other materials.

    • WT/E© operated with compressed air produces unparalleled results with its multifunctional technology with low space requirement and with an efficient use of energy.

    • WT/E© has a space requirement of only 80 – 100 sqm approx. (incl. peripherals).

  • Recycling of raw materials

    • Annually, millions of tons of precious iron and non-ferrous metals (e.g. iron, tin, zinc, copper, aluminium, brass, etc.) as well as other organic/inorganic substances resulting from the processing chain of industrial waste, slags and electronic waste can be recirculated as raw material for the industry.
    • Contaminated earth can be detoxified without any problem and can be afforested. Hence, contaminated surfaces can be redeveloped and afforested.
    • Our plant systems do not require any combustion processes and consequently, we avoid any harmful CO2-emissions

    • Integrable into existing plant systems

    • Modular flexible concept

    • Minimization of transport and logistics costs

    • Extremely low operation and maintenance costs

    • Electronic monitoring with highest security level for staff and environment

Lantos Project Technology AG

More than 50% of all environmental changes were caused in the 20th century – this indicates an enormous and threatening acceleration of environmental changes.
Due to the innovative and multifunctional technology developed by us, our plant produces unique results in a most efficient way:

  • Recycling of inorganic resources (e.g. metals, precious metals, material, natural rock, etc.) through appropriate processing technology – recycling for further industrial use
  • Conversion of organic compounds (e.g. domestic and industrial waste, sewage sludge, hospital waste, etc.) into yielding raw material resources and/or energy sources (RDF)

With our unique and sustainable Phönix WT/E© technology we are able to make a valuable contribution in the interests of our environment as well as of the quality of life of future generations. Environmental and climate protection as well as recycling of resources are of major priority for us, fully in line with our philosophy: